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Digital Earth Tester

Model: DET-2000



'CIE' Digital Earth Resistance Tester is designed to measure the resistance if earth used in power circuit, Telecommunications, Railway Electrification, Domestic and Industrial electrical installations. The tester measures directly the resistance of the earth and also measure the ground resistivity. The study, elegant and compact body makes the instrument portable, easy to use, Hand-held instrument.


Salient Features

Rugged ABS body

Easy to use hand held meter

Ni-cd Re- chargeable Cells

Facility as to make bench top type instrument

Confirms to ISS : 9223/1979

Four terminals {To measure earth resistance as well as specific soil resistivity}

Lo-Bat or Δ indication appears on Display indicating that the indicating the the cells (batteries) have gone down, which can be recharged by connecting to 230V, 50 Hz AC mains supply through charging cord provided with the instrument


Technical Details

Display : 3  Digits, LCD
Accuracy : 0% to 10% of the range 3%
10% to 90% of the range 1.5%
90% to 100% of the range 3%
Dimensions (in mm) : 172 x 98 x 38 (Approx.)
Weight : 575 gm (Approx.)


Electrical Specifications
H. V. Test : 2KV AC (rms) for 1 min. between electrical circuit and containing case
Insulation Resistance Test : More than 25 Megohms at 500 V DC between electrical circuit & containing case



Standard Accessories : (i) Carrying Case
(ii) Charging Cord
(iii) Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories (at extra cost) : 4 Nos. M. S. Spike (45 cm Length) 1 Nos. Hammer 4 Nos. Cable (50 feet) 1 No. Plier 1 Nos. Screwdriver, all in one canvas bag


Dual Ranges

(a) 0 - 20 - 200 OHM (b) 0 - 10 - 1000 OHM (c) 0 - 100 - 1000 OHM (d) 0 - 5 - 500 OHM (e) 0 - 10 - 100 OHM
Any other combination of ranges can also be made on specific requirement.

Guaranteed for 12 (twelve) months against any manufacturing defects


Hand Driven Generator Type

Model: CIE / 222M



'CIE' Earth Tester permits direct measurement of the resistance of earth used in power circuits. Telecommunication, Railway Electrification, Domestic & Industrial Electrical Installation, Lighting Protection Installation and various other Electrical Systems. The tester performs equally well in Terrain where the conductivity of the soil is low, e.g., in mountainous areas and in places where powerful stray earth current exist.

The four terminal instrument is specially designed for making straight forward and approximate soil investigation of the kind needed in agricultural, geological research and in the planning of large civil engineering projects such as tunnels, Drainage, Sewerage schemes, Tube-Railways etc.

Measuring accuracy of the instrument is not effected by stray alternating or back e.m.f. of earth electrolytic. The instrument can also be used for measuring  non-inductive or non-capacitive resistance.


Salient Features

Silent Generator with Collapsible Handle
Centrifugal Clutch (Governor) For Constant Output Voltage
Chuck Nut Locking Arrangement to Prevent Anti-Clockwise Rotation
Wide and Anti-Parallax Mirror Scale
Anti Magnetic Aluminium Body with Protected Metallic Flap Over Glass Window of Scale
Accurate, Reliable and Quick Response For Measurement of Resistance of Earth
Accuracy CONFIRMS to IS : 923/1979
Graceful Appearance, Long Life & Strength Against Vibration & Impact


Technical Details

Scale Length : 80mm (Approx)
Accuracy : 5% (as per IS: 9223/1979)
Generator Rotation Speed : 160 rpm
Weight : 2.5 kg (Approx)
Dimensions (in mm) : 110 x 128 x 190 (Approx)  

Electrical Specifications

High Voltage Test : 2KV AC (rms) for 1 min. between Electrical Circuit & containing case
Insulation Resistance Test : Better than 25 Megohms at 500 V DC between electrical circuit & containing case



Available in three (For measurement of Earth resistance) and four terminals (For measurement of Earth resistance & soil resistivity both)



(i) Available single range from 0 - 1 ohm to 10000 ohm ( Any one range)

(ii) Also available in multi ranges provided with range selector switch , to be chosen from 0 - 1 ohm to 10,000 ohm

Any other ranges can also be made against specific requirement



Guaranteed for 12 (twelve) months against any manufacturing defects



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