Insulation Tester Earth Tester AC Clamp Meter AC / DC Clamp Meter Clip-on Power Factor Meter & Watt Meter Multimeter Electric Motor Checker A.C. High Voltage Breakdown Test Set Phase Sequence Indicator


(Disc Rotating Type)


Phase sequence indicator is a must for checking new electrical connections, installation and maintenance. It is useful in wiring of switchboards, when 3 phase watt meters and power factor meters are connected. In wiring 3 phase AC motors rotation can be checked and corrected if need be, by checking the sequence.


The instrument is of rotating disc type. When correctly connected to 3 phases R, Y and B the Black disc with white arrow rotates clockwise indicating that the phase sequence is correct. If the rotation is anti-clockwise one of the phases should be reversed.


Model: PSI-1


Casing : Housed in Bakelite Body (round shape) provided with three separate one meter long leads with appropriate colour viz. Red, Yellow, and Blue with clips and PVC sheaths.  
  Standard Accessories : Rexine carrying case
  Working Voltage : 100V to 500V AC at 25Hz to 65Hz


For horizontal use only and should not be left in circuit


  Casing : Housed in ABS Moulded square Case supplied with one meter long built in Red-Yellow-Blue leads with crocodile clips
  Standard Accessories : Rexine carrying case
  Dimensions : 96mm x 96mm
  Rating : 30 seconds @ 500 V, Burden 15Va @ 500 V, Voltage 50-500V (in horizontal position), 100-500V (in vertical position)
  Frequency : 25-60Hz
  The instruments can be used in horizontal as well as in vertical position. The instrument should not be left in circuit

Model: PSI-1


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