Insulation Tester Earth Tester AC Clamp Meter AC / DC Clamp Meter Clip-on Power Factor Meter & Watt Meter Multimeter Electric Motor Checker A.C. High Voltage Breakdown Test Set Phase Sequence Indicator





Model: CIE / 5050A


'CIE' A.C. High Voltage Breakdown Test Set is ideal for fast accurate & reliable testing of withstand/Breakdown test of electrical & electronic materials, components, equipments, panel boards, etc.

Salient Features

Robust Powder Coated Sheet Metal Case

Elegant Look

KV Meter to Read The Output Voltage

Millimeter to Show Leakage Current

Speedy and Accurate Testing of Breakdown/Withstand Test of
Electrical & Electronic Components, Materials, Equipments, Panel Board Etc.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage : 230V, +/- 10%, 50Hz, 1 phase A.C.
Output Voltage : Continiously variable from
(i) 0 to 3 KV AC for 3 KV Test Set
(ii) 0 to 5 KV AC for 5 KV Test Set
Capacity : 50 mA maximum in the H.V. Side
Tripping Current : 25 mA & 50 mA (Toggle Switch Provided)
Duty Cycle : Intermittent i.e., 5 minuites 'ON' & 10 minuites 'OFF'

* Tripping current set point other than standard setting can be provided at extra cost.


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